Ibn 'Arabi's Writings

This present selection is arranged under short titles and in very approximate chronological order, according to which period of Ibn ʿArabi's life a work was composed in. Details of each work, including a summary and extract, can be accessed by clicking on the individual title, highlighted in red.

Western Period

al-Ittiḥād al-kawnī
The Universal Tree and the Four Birds
al-Tadbīrāt al-ilāhiyya
Divine Governance of the Human Kingdom
Inshāʾ al-dawāʾir
Description of the Encompassing Circles
Kitāb al-Isrā
Book of the Night-Journey
Mashāhid al-asrār al-qudsiyya
Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries
Mawāqiʿ al-nujūm
The Twilight of the Stars
ʿAnqāʾ Mughrib
The Fabulous Gryphon of the West

Meccan Period

Ḥilyat al-abdāl
Adornment of the Substitutes
Mishkāt al-anwār
Divine Sayings/Niche of Lights
Rūḥ al-quds fī munāṣaḥat al-nafs
The Holy Spirit's counsel to the soul
Tāj al-rasāʾil
The Crown of Epistles

Eastern Period

al-Dīwān al-kabīr
The Great Diwan
al-Futūḥāt al-Makkiyya
The Meccan Illuminations
al-Tanazzulāt al-Mawṣiliyya
Revelations at Mosul
Prayers for the week
Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam
The Gemstones of Wisdom
Kitāb al-Isfār
Unveiling the Results of Journeying
Kitāb al-Tajalliyāt
The Book of Theophanies
Kitāb al-ʿAbādilah
The Book of the Servants of God
Risālat al-anwār
Treatise of Lights
Tarjumān al-ashwāq
The Interpreter of Ardent Desires